Do it yourself NAS

When I was surfing the web today, I came across one amazing gadget. A device that can easily turn our portable storage and low cost router into highly efficient NAS server. The device is called “Mini Network Storage Adapter” and it is manufactured by IPEVO.

This little green box holds only two ports. One USB (the one in which you plug your portable storage), and one Ethernet(here you plug your router/switch). The thing that amazes me in this gadget is exactly its simplicity. You simply plug it in your router type its IP in your browser and configure it in the web environment. The obvious functionality of the device is making your portable HDD network accessible. But you can also stream multimedia to your Playstation 3, XBOX, etc. And if that`s not enough the device comes with a BitTorrent client, so that the torrent files can directly download to your USB storage.

The best of all, of course, is the price of the device. It costs only 59.99$

You can find the device @ IPEVO

*NAS = Network Attached Storage


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