WRT120N Hard reset

Few days ago I had to rearrange my work network in order to optimize it. The router I had to use was Linksys by Cisco WRT120n. Peace of cake I thought. And just when I arranged all the cables I realised that someone changed its password. It was long after the end of the workday so I though I could hard reset it and save me some time. Of course easier said than done. I read all the forums about it and tried everything. After trying “30/30/30″(holding the reset 30 secs, pull out the power cord, until you still hold the reset for 30 seconds, put the power cord on holdin the reset for another 30 secs). I tried holding the reset for 1 minute, and all kinds of combinations, but without any luck. And just when I gave up I tried the popular “RTFM”. The interesting thing was that even in the manual I hardly understood the steps.

The only thing you have to do to reset WRT120N is plug out all network cables and press the reset button with a paper clip for exactly 5 seconds.

If you have any questions, or need any help resetting your router write in the comment section below.


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24 responses to “WRT120N Hard reset”

  1. Obaid says :

    Man, that was a real life saver. I’ve been trying to reset it for hours until finally I got to this page. Thanks a lot mate.

    • Net@Home says :

      I`m glad it helped. πŸ™‚

      • Brian says :

        I have been struggling forever too
        I read the 5 second thing in the manual, but it’s not clear if the device is powered on or off, etc

        So you’re saying, with it powered on, hold paper clip in there, count to 5, and release the button, and that’s it?!

        You don’t have to power it down and back up etc?

      • Net@Home says :

        With the device powered on plug out the lan cables and hold the reset for 5 seconds. I hope it works

  2. Ahmed says :

    thanks a million for saving my weakend…i have tried almost all possible steps from various websites untill I tried this…Linksys guys please add this in your manual…

  3. dewa says :

    Thanks alot man.. you save my life..

  4. Izzy says :

    Wow, that saved my weekend!
    I bought the bloody thing today and found that someone had changed router LAN IP and password. I tried a firmware upgrade (from the bootloader, powering up and holding reset button for 30 seconds). Firmware upgrade worked fine, but password etc. was not reset … .

    Finally (using my old router πŸ™‚ ) I found this page.
    Thanks a million times.



  5. Ibitebcareful says :

    YOU! Are a Godsend!
    Thank you!

  6. Niaz says :

    Thanks alot i have tried that combination . and it works great

  7. Tony Almeida says :

    Ohh, thank you, the are a god! I sucks this router lot of time to reset.
    Kind regards. Zsolt

  8. Milo says :

    Do I have to turn off any wifi devices that could be connected to the router or just unplugging the LAN and WAN cables would be enough??

  9. John says :

    WOW, I was holding it in for 30 seconds… Thanks dude !

  10. Jessica says :

    omg omg omg thank you so much.. been working at this for days and ur method work flawlessly.. I couldn’t believe my eyes that it worked. Thanks so much =)

  11. kanary says :

    I learned the hard way that no matter how many times you try to reset linksys wrt120n, it does not work. Even the 30/30/30 method, does not work. I found the solution there: http://www.computing-tips.net/Reset_Linksys_wrt120n_default_settings

  12. naz says :

    IT WORK!!!.

    Thank you so much..

    Oh i forgot.. I think many people don’t really understand LAN cable part..
    Guys, what Net@Home say is..

    1 – Unplug all LAN Cable (NOT Internet cable) <—- this one
    2 – press reset within 5 second exactly..

    THANKS Net@Home.. you are the lifesaver!!

  13. billjohnson says :

    holy crap… after trying a zillion different ways to do this, upgrading firmware, holding for 30/60/90 seconds… powering off… turning off all computers and devices…. blazza blazza…. this finally did the trick…. thanks!!!!

  14. Me says :

    Great MAN, it works as charme
    keep the good work

  15. xavier says :

    u d best buddy…u gave me a world pain relieve, thanks man,,,,,

  16. vipervr says :

    Thanks for the great tips… tried the 30 seconds once and boy i’m glad to googled your page!

  17. mac says :

    Thank you man!!!!! It was driving me crazy it really works!

  18. Bong says :

    Net@Home, thank you very much for sharing your experience. I’ve done a lot hard reset but haven’t got it rigth not until I found this page. great job and keep it up!

  19. bradosty says :

    oh finally, thank you so much dude

  20. Quyyoom says :

    Thanks, after wasting one day, I saw this page and issue resolved

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