Network installation of Windows 7(without using DVD-ROM)

Almost everyone nowadays owns a netbook or UMPC. There are variety of ways of installing a fresh copy of the OS. Of course I`m going to write a tutorial of how to network install a windows 7 on your portable PC.
In order to reinstall your system you are going to need another machine in your network(lets say your desktop pc). You have to set its IP address to static(, just until the installation is finished.
The things you will need are:
  • TFTpd32 with WinPE
  • Image of Windows 7
  • Daemon tools to mount the image
Extract TFTpd32 in the root of your pc(“C:\” for example”). After that configure TFTpd32 and turn off its DHCP server(you will use the router`s built in dhcp)
Try to boot the laptop from the network(using PXE in the Boot manager, or in the BIOS). If everything is going fine you will see an interface similar to windows with a CMD in the middle of the screen. Now is the moment to mount the Windows image with Daemon tools and share it(right click on it Sharing->Advanced sharing use an easily memorable name like “win7setup”).
On the laptop type: “net use y: \\\win7setup”, where is the name of the desktop machine which is sharing your windows.
Now comes the tricky part you`re going to be asked for username and password. In the username field type the ip address of the desktop slash your username example “\username” when username is the real username of the system and the password is the actual password.
After sucessfully entering the command just type:
y: [Enter]
That`s all. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comment section below.

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One response to “Network installation of Windows 7(without using DVD-ROM)”

  1. shadowman12 says :

    This can also be done using a Windows Server 2008 (r2) vm and WDS(Windows Deployment Services), with WDS you can also customize the install to create an unattended installation.

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