How secure is your local network against man in the middle attack

When I was researching a security flaw in the wireless protocols I came across an interesting video in youtube. Showing a “man in the middle” attack, done using a windows pc. I`ve heard this attack was easy using a Backtrack OSs, but never expected it would be that easy using a windows PC. I managed to hack my personal network(which I consider secure) for about 5 minutes.
The idea of the “man in the middle” attack is very simple and it is a great way of showing you how vulnerable your data and passwords are. Once connected to the target network and found your victim, your pc lies to the router that it is the target PC, while in the same time lies the target PC that it is the router. That way the target PC sends all its packets to you(the attacker). These packets may contain a lot of worthless data, but may contain HTTP POST packets with passwords for your favorite sites(always use https by the way).

There is a great video showing the attack and the needed tools. And I`m attaching it below. I sucessfully tried this on my local network, so if you have any questions write them in the comment section below.


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