How to: Make your home server (XAMP/WAMP) accessible worldwide

Assigning a free domain to your local server
I`ve been working with all kinds of CMS systems lately and the easiest way to show your clients the developed product is to find a way of giving them access to your testing server(XAMP, WAMP etc.). I`m using windows, so this tutorial is going to show you how to give people access  to your local server using your router and a free service such as .
In order to give access to your testing server you need a permanent address which would be easy to access from a web browser and your server must have permanent  IP in the local network in order for you to set a port forwarding(Port:80) to its IP address.
I`ll explain it in several easy steps:

  1. First of all you need a registration at
    There you pick your Hostname and subdomain you like. Then you pick “Host with IP” option and rewrite the ip given below
  2. Second you need to set your router to use the DynDNS registration
    In most of the cases the options can be found under System tools -> DDNS. There you choose your provider, username, password and domain and you probably need a restart of the router to apply the settings. 
  3. Then it is time for you to set the Static IP of the server in your local network
    You login to your router find the DHCP Server options (in my case DHCP list&binding). In the MAC option you put the MAC address of your server`s LAN and in the IP any free IP in the range of your local network. After you choose Add and restart your Machine the IP you choose will be its permanent IP in your local network.
  4. Now it is time for you to set your port forwarding.
    In most of the consumer routers the Port forwarding options can be found under Virtual Server category in the web interface of the router. When you find it in the Port range type 80 – 80, in the IP address the static IP you set to your server, click Enable and Apply and you`re all set.

If you followed these 4 easy steps your local testing server must be accessible through the DynDNS domain you register. It is a good idea to turn of your firewall, because it might block the local content.
If you have any questions or face any difficulties while doing this ask in the comment section of the article. I`ll be happy to answer your questions.


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2 responses to “How to: Make your home server (XAMP/WAMP) accessible worldwide”

  1. Aiymes says :

    that was cool thnx -for real !
    do you know of any free dns type – i already have wamp – so i need to know if thats fine or if I still need the dns thing if so – please give me a free resource for the dns thing – and if wamp is fine please e-mail me of it so that I can figure out it on my wamp – i’m a beginner so please
    no -Uber geek phrases and lingo – i’m still learining! Lol plzzzz help !

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