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Another site for free wordpress blogs and plugins launches

We are glad to inform you that our friends launched their site. The site`s main purpose will be to help developers and normal users customize their wordpress blogs, by giving them helpful tips, tutorials, advice and last but not least the ability to register a wordpress blog with them. You`ll have much more features, the ability to customize your theme, functions and much much more. Give them a look and register a blog in their network it is free, so it won`t hurt.
Meanwhile we`ll be starting to migrate our blog there, so soon this domain will be forwarded to our new network at 


Find and compare routers and other networking devices

Finally found a great site with comprehensive list of networking devices and various info about routers, switches, access points and basically all types of networking devices including professional rack routers and gateways. The best part is there’s info about specifications and services each router/switch is providing, and therefore can be compared with a couple of clicks. It certainly took my attention, plus the database of wireless network devices is quite large and seem up-to-date. If you are looking for router specs, reviews or manuals this is the place I’d recommend. Oh, and the information about default login details and factory reset is listed on most devices specs pages. Since there’s a basic social functionality, you can register and earn points as well as participate in Q&A and ask questions for your router problems or any networking discussions, such as which one to choose. Interestingly enough, If you want to keep finger on top of the news about all network products, there’s a section with the latest news about networking from major technology blogs.